Our Classes

Playful Twos

This class offers our youngest minds the opportunity to meet friends and participate in a classroom. It is heavily concentrated on social skills and fine/gross motor activities. Students are given the opportunity to explore the classroom environment through exploration and begin a love for learning.

Fun in Three's

Our 3 year old class offers our students the exposure to classroom routines and academics. Students are introduced to Zoo Phonics animals to provide a foundation of phonics. Manipulatives are used to provide our students with hands-on materials to enhance their learning.


PreK students are provided with the unique experience of smaller class size and individual attention allowing us to focus on what each child needs before making that jump to full day Kindergarten. Students build on the Zoo Phonics foundation in a languagerich atmosphere. Our PreK engages in critical thinking where core skills are challenged and nurtured offering exposure of Kindergarten content to adjust to the rigors of a full day with ease.

Transitional Kindergarten

Do you have a child who may not be ready for the rigors of the full day Kindergarten experience? This program provides students with the ability to grow at their own pace giving them a bonus year to bloom. Students are provided a curriculum rich environment that will expose them to the content of Kindergarten while giving them the confidence they need to be successful for the rest of their school years. Typically this program is geared toward, but not limited to, children ages 4 and 5 with later birthday months.

Enrichment Classes

Infinity & Beyond

Students explore monthly thematic units. They are emersed in hands on activities and projects. The possibilities are endless and it is sure to keep your child interested the whole year!

Art & Science

Students are giving opportunities to explore through science experiments with STEM activities to enhance their learning. Little artists will further their artistic expression by being introduced to famous artists.

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