Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions:

Withdrawal from MCNS: 

• When a student must withdraw from MCNS, based on parent decision, parent(s) will notify the registrar in writing one month in advance of withdrawal date. 

• A tuition refund will only be granted if a replacement is found, the student relocates beyond a 30 mile radius of MCNS as determined by the Board of Directors, or the student is granted a medical withdrawal and provides a signed medical doctor’s statement to that effect. 

Dismissal from MCNS: 

The Board of MCNS will decide if there is need to ask a family to withdraw from the school.  A family may be dismissed for any of the following reasons: 

• Failure to pay tuition required 

• Conduct which detrimentally affects the reputation of the school 

• Conduct which impairs the ability to fulfill school obligations including, but not limited to, alcohol or drug abuse and any act which endangers the school’s students, families, personnel or property. 

• Continuous disruptive behavior by a student that affects the instructional level and the emotional stability of the class. 

** Please note, that New York State requires at least 6 students in class for it to be able to run.  If MCNS does not fill to that capacity, this class will not be available. You will be notified if this class is not full.  By accepting this spot you are of full understanding that class offerings are subject to change if we do not receive enough enrollment.**