Transitional Kindergarten (TK)


Transitional Kindergarten is geared to the students who would benefit from an extra year to grow before entering the rigors of Kindergarten. Students in this class often, but are not required, have late fall birthdays. An extra year of maturity can greatly impact a child’s social emotional growth as well as their academic progress. This program follows a modified Kindergarten curriculum that mirrors concepts students will be learning when they move to that level.  Students work in centers on academic concepts that provide a smaller ratio of child to teacher and allows us to focus on the skills we are working on with each student on a more in-depth level. TK gives your child the confidence to enter Kindergarten and be successful in the classroom.  Enrichment classes are also available for this age to build their stamina for a full day Kindergarten.

TK reading


Marissa Smith

Mrs. Smith comes to MCNS with over 10 years of experience in the early childhood field with a  Master’s Degree in Education. She has a passion for early learning and enrichment for young minds through play and hands – on experiences. Marissa has worked as a curriculum developer consultant for public school districts and has had many of her writing pieces adopted by the state of California, where she was born and raised. In her free time, Marissa enjoys traveling, reading, and enjoying life with her husband, Mike, and their two kids Barron and Berkley.

Patty Magee

Patty has been in our TK class for over 5 years. She enjoys working with our oldest students and is always active in their development. She lives with her two daughters who are HFL students and her husband.