Music and Literature


Music and Literature engages students in language. During this enrichment program, students will discuss authors, illustrators, Fiction and non-fiction within books that are geared to preschool children. Students perform plays and share read-alouds throughout the year as well as creating their own classroom books to read and share. We celebrate special events and holidays in class by reading and singing songs around those themes. Students who enjoy music will love the songs and movement presented. Children participate in singing songs using hand movements and props to dance to the music. We culminate the year with 3 small plays and 3 songs performed for parents to showcase all the work they have done!

Lunch recommendations for extended day:

  1. Please do not send in foods containing peanuts and tree nuts.
  2. Please send a cold lunch or food in a thermos.
  3. Pack silverware if needed.
  4. Napkins and paper towels are always needed.
  5. Please send a water bottle.
  6. Keep the lunch simple, packed with a few nutritious foods your child will most likely eat.
  7. Please refrain from sending candy.
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Joanne Weber

Joanne has been a fixture at MCNS over the past 9 years. She enjoys working with the kiddos and watching them learn and grow. Mrs. Weber spends her time outside of school with her husband watching her two sons play baseball who attend HFL.