Infinity & Beyond!


Infinity and Beyond dives into multiple thematic units throughout the year.  The students will have the chance to explore and dig into a new topic each month. This class will be student led with thematic units being chosen based on interest of the class as well as monthly events.  Students will participate in hands on activities to learn and grow through exploration of each topic.   Infinity and Beyond is the definition of enrichment as it will touch on multiple disciplines for each topic explored… STEM, Art, Music, Literature and peer interactions.



Shannon Linn

Shannon is a native of the HFL area and has 2 kids in the district. She has become a friendly face at MCNS and always greets everyone with a smile or a kind word.  Mrs. Linn enjoys working with both our smallest friends in the twos program and our biggest friends in enrichment.

Melissa Ricci

Melissa Ricci is NY certified (Pre-K through 6) with a masters in elementary education from SUNY Brockport. Mrs. Ricci has been teaching PreK at MCNS since 2014 and has created the PreK curriculum based on her breadth of knowledge and teaching experiences specifically concentrating on the zoo phonics. She was tenured in East Rochester School District before moving to Arizona. There, she stayed home to raise her 3 boys and became interested and involved in early childhood experiences. During that time, she began her career as the lead preschool teacher. She strives to create a first experience that will help the students be prepared and eager to go to school and be life-long learners. She creates a community in her classroom where the children will learn through hands on experiences in a warm and nurturing environment. Together with her talented assistant, Lea Consiglio, they create a warm and fun environment where children grow.  She has recently taken on the lead teacher role in the Infinity and Beyond Enrichment program and enjoys working with students to extend their stamina and learning in their PreK day. Missy lives in Victor with her husband, Matt, their 3 boys; Sam, JT and Eli, (Eli is an MCNS TK alum)  along with their chocolate lab, Champ and their yellow lab, Buck. When she is not at our school, you can find her on the football and lacrosse fields or the wrestling mat cheering her boys on.