Art and Science


Our Art and Science enrichment class is designed to build in STEAM to our preschool curriculum.  Students will be exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  We will provide the students an exciting atmosphere in which we discover how the two subjects interact to stimulate our senses at any age. Our science portion offers the ability to make observations, predictions, and explanations based on real life experience and simple science experiments. Students are given the opportunity to explore and question the scientific aspects that interest them. Student’s artistic expression is shown through a color, texture and a variety of mediums This enrichment portion offers students more hands on time to create their own projects. In combination, curious children can both investigate and express themselves creatively.

name flowers


Amy Tschiderer

Mrs. T is excited to take on the Art and Science curriculum.  Most of you may know her as our Playful Two's teacher.  Amy has been with MCNS for 5 years. She brings fun and exploration to this enrichment class where she will guide the students through experiments and different art styles.

Morgan DiMino

Morgan comes to us after her own 3 children graduated from MCNS.  She has a degree in Education and multiple years as a daycare provider.  Mrs. DiMino teaches our enrichment classes and enjoys diving deeper into fun projects.  She provides lots of creativity and STEAM activities in our Art & Science enrichment.

Shannon Linn

Shannon is a native of the HFL area and has 2 kids in the district. She has become a friendly face at MCNS and always greets everyone with a smile or a kind word.  Mrs. Linn enjoys working with both our smallest friends in the twos program and our biggest friends in enrichment.